White Horses

"White Horses" is an olde English term used to describe the way white caps looked like white horses jumping the rough seas of Coastal England. The image used in the White Horses logo is the "White Horse of Uffington" stone carving which can be found on the chalk downs of Oxfordshire, England. Considered a national icon, this particular White Horse was carved more than 1,000 years ago.

White Horses

Meet The Team

Natasha V. McCarthy aka "Tash"

White Horses

Natasha Vitkovic McCarthy, ’00 B.A. in Communications Hollins University, has spent her life competing horses and working within the hunter jumper equestrian industry. She has worked for some of the nation’s most esteemed professionals until 2007 when she decided to claim her own professional status; accepting a position at Tuxbury Farm in Charleston, SC. After completing a successful 8 years of teaching and managing a high-volume equestrian program, Natasha and her husband, Mike, purchased a 24 acre/ 24 stall boarding facility also in the suburbs of Charleston, SC (now known as, White Horses, LLC.)

White Horses’ mission is offer top-quality care & instruction for the horse/rider which has resulted in turning out winning combinations on the US Equestrian Horse Show Circuit. Due to Natasha’s experience at Hollins, she has also successfully prepped riders interested in competing on Intercollegiate and NCAA Equestrian Teams. When not at home, Natasha and the White Horses’ team travels extensively throughout the South East at some of our nation’s top horse shows. They are active participants in the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program, and attend our nation’s most prestigious National Equitation Finals including the Platinum Performance /US Equestrian Talent Search Finals, The Dover/US Hunt Seat Medal Finals, and the ASPCA Maclay Finals.

Michael J. H. McCarthy aka "Mike"

White Horses

Mike is originally from the North Eastern states of Massachusetts and Vermont. Mike is a graduate of the prestigious Philipps Exeter Academy plus attended Middlebury College and the University of Connecticut. Like Tash, Mike is also an active horseman.

Mike's childhood years were spent farming and foxhunting on his family's dairy farm and then while attending college he was also immersed in the equestrian industry by playing tournament polo, working as a job-sight foreman for a prominent local barn builder, and shipping horses for local carriers. In 2001 he formed Kildare Farm Solutions (KFS) and eventually relocated to Aiken, SC in 2003.

KFS is a boutique construction company that specializes in farm layout, clearing, and design plus fence installation, pasture maintenance, erosion control, arena installation and commercial hauling, and services both the Aiken and Charleston, SC markets.

One of KFS' latest projects was the installation of the Stable View galloping track/event course and 300' x 300' outdoor riding arena. This particular three-day event course was designed by Capt. Mark Phillips, GBR (former Chef d'Equipe of the United States Equestrian Team's three-day eventing team.) Mike was hired to work alongside Capt. Mark to implement the necessary riding foundations and riding surfaces.

Mike's hobbies include foxhunting, rugby, and playing polo.

Shannon O'Brien

Shannon O'Brien is the Assistant Instructor for White Horses, LLC and Assistant Coach for College of Charleston Equestrian Team. Shannon is originally from a small town in Ohio. She attended The Andrews school as a boarding student, which fueled her passion for equestrian sports. Post-graduation, she continued pursuing her love for the horses, and the equestrian industry by competing in the higher ranks of the junior and amateur jumper divisions. Shannon claimed her professional status in 2009.

In addition to working with some of the nation’s top professionals throughout Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, New York, and Florida, she spent intermittent time in Europe working as a talent recruit, searching for young, talented horse flesh to import to the United States.

Since moving to Charleston in 2011, she remained traveling on the Equestrian Circuit and working towards her Bachelors of Science degree in business administration though University of Massachusetts Amherst online. Since meeting Tash and Mike in 2017, she has joined White Horses, LLC as an assistant trainer. She works with all of the clients, (teaching and professionally riding) and has been praised for being positive, encouraging, and level minded.